June 30, 2011, 11:53
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Enligt tillförlitliga källor till REDAKTIONEN är det nu klart att Horan (också fotbollsdomare) Martin Hansson tröttnat på sitt yrke som “A Lady of the Night” och slår in på en delvis annorlunda bana. Men ändå inte.

Jessica Almenäs berättar om Horan Hanssons nya jobb

Som ett ytterligare förtydligande klipper vi in denna informationstext om vad som förväntas av Martin i sitt nya jobb som Fluffer.

– Who Can Become A Fluffer

Any woman or man can become a fluffer as long as they can arouse the male actor.

– What Education Does A Fluffer Need

Fluffers don’t need any formal education, but practice does help. Multi-Lingual skills help, and a fluffer ( male or female ) may serve video shoots or private gangbangs, keeping the men in ready-to-go condition for the person being with whom they are having sex.

– What Special Equipment Do Fluffers Need?

A union fluffer will typically be given a set of kneepads along with a bottle of Listerine and a tube of chapstick. What additional equipment she needs will be up to the individual fluffer. A fluffer will often wear a FLUFFY angora sweater and or gloves and stroke the male, including his genitals to arouse him. Once the male porn star has been aroused by being stimulated with the feel of the soft angora a few times, he can quite often get aroused just by seeing the FLUFFER dressed in angora approaching him. Angora, a erotic feeling material from the fine hair of a rabbit, is often worn by models in erotic poses, to enhance the arousal of men.

– Where Do Fluffers Work?

Due to the nature of their work, most of a fluffer’s job is performed on their knees. The actual location varies with the shoot. While one fluffer may work at a studio, another might be working on location at someone’s above ground pool or perhaps at a tractor pull for “Wenches with Wrenches 2”.

– How Much Money Do Fluffers Make?

Compensation for fluffers varies by job and whether or not she is in the union. For example, a non-union fluffer working on a guy on girl shoot in the studio might make $500 for the to $1500 depending on the size of the gang and the duration of the banging. Union cards are also good for discounts at select local supermarkets. .

REDAKTIONEN har inga som helst tvivel om att Martin även som Fluffer kommer att utnyttjas hårt av sina uppdragsgivare. Han lär fortsätta att suga och svälja!


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